Monday, May 18, 2009

The Special Occasion

Hi Guys!
I hope this blog can find you well.
I know you all so busy but I just just want to tell you that I will get married on this upcoming Monday next week heuy na.
I wish all of you are here to celebrate together.
Hes He! I would like to invite of you to attend my wedding na.

Keep looking for your reply!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thank for everyone that still remember my birthday, though this year birthday is the most loneliness I've ever had. So sad that day but now recover cos Mealea will bring me tomorrow to celebrate heuy even many days late. Forget about that, today I will go to Suana with my cousin!!!!!!!! has ha! this is the first I go to that place. That gonna make me exciting. Let's see what's happenning.


Monday, November 3, 2008

The biggest responsibility of my working life

Time flys so fast. I even don't know how long I have left from this lovely blog. Hello, guys. How ya? Pretty happy in life today of our individually, right? Well, some might say yes but some might not. Life is like this. This week I got a very excited news from my supervisor. He said he has to come back to his homeland(Australia) in next two weeks. I was so surprised, why? Because I must take all his responsibilities on behalf of project manager. Imagine how young experience am I? I just has started to work for only half year. I think I can't handle it at all. Plus this project will finish at the end of this year. Oh, i have to write both financial report and project report to donor. Oh, I will be in trouble soon? But here is just internal worlkplace. There is still when I finish the project, maybe don't have other job to do too. Oh! I want to cry nas but couldn't.
Well, leave you guys this time, see you later.
Gotta work heuy!

With love from,
HHaaah ha!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life of last two months- my enagagement

Marta's Life: The life of September

The life of September

I am now sitting in my workplace. Many things to do but I don't what things i should have done. Works sometimes are so complicated if you can not manage it, you will get complicated and lost your track. I don't know what am i thinking now: life? work? study? Oh, everything but at the end nothing get success. From work experience, don't push anybody that you are good but let them see by themself. Then you will have your own value. All the time I tried something to show them but they can not see, in opposite, they will see what i have done without my attension. It's so trick, right?
Ok, I wrote this text just want to release my stress.
Now, i am back on work and continue to face again in complicated job.

Good luck.............

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Time back

Hi everyone!
Life is going so fast. I, most of the time, could not manage it properly. I lost my conscious of my destiny. I am on the air now waiting for blowing without knowing direction. So sad right? Well, not that bad. Anytime there is a problem there is always solution. Now, I am back on the track that I have you guys to help me, please.
Hope to intouch with guys for dissapearing quite along time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Halo Ha! Everyone

Cheers all,
You may see me in another world of my view. In this blog I will post my profiles, news, and ofcourse the useful books or document to expose on it.
Hope you all can see.